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Precision is a proud member of the communities we serve here in North Texas.  We have long donated and sponsored various sports related organizations.   As we continually looking for ways to serve our communities and the members within our communities, we decided it's time to move forward and are honored to be in a position to offer fundraising opportunities for those who are in need.


  • It's simple! We provide the organization /  individual with a designated promo code and post card size flyers  to hand out to family and friends. 
  • We then highlight the fundraiser information on our blog, facebook, google+ and various other social media avenues and help promote for a period of time, usually 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Any sales generated during this time earns the individual / organization $100 per sale!

Use the form below to suggest a fundraising opportunity to us.

This is Kaydin. Kaydin is a very accomplished 15 yr old young lady that was in need of $5,263 to attend a invitation only program at the University of Virginia. Precision helped her earn  $6200!