3 Zone Protection 

There are three main areas that facilitate the ability of pests to infiltrate and infest the home: the yard, entry points such as doors/

For your home or business, we can create a solution to meet your needs. We understand that each property is a finger print and needs a unique set of solutions. 

  • Business Solutions
  • ​Residential Solutions
  • Year Round Solutions

We use the latest technology in the pest control industry.   Precision Pest Managment is one of the only companies in DFW 100% committed to running a sustainable and environmentally focused business. Along with using advanced organic based products, precision also drastically reduces fuel consumption and waste with 

  • We will identify problem areas 

Upon initiation of service, a Precision Pest Professional will thoroughly inspect your home, identify problem pests and provide a recommendation for treatment and elimination. 

our innovative  recycling program and two person service vehicles. These initiatives not only  reduce our environmental carbon footprint, they make our service the safest and most efficient option for your family and pets. 

100% Customer Satisfaction. We guarantee to control pests in and around your home all year long. Should you encounter a pest problem between your scheduled visits, we will return at no additional charge within 24 hours of your phone call! 

  • Expertly Trained Staff 

It is critical that the treatment materials used are handled to ensure effective treatment. Precision Pest Management's professional operators have the training and expertise  to handle products and materials correctly, leading to the most effective solution to your pest problems. 


You've got bugs? We've got the cure!

Call us today at 972-384-1671 for a complete and thorough inspection of your home where existing and potential problem areas can be identified. 

windows, weep holes, cracks in the foundation and indoor  entry/moisture areas. Our  detailed and methodical service and product technology is designed to target, eliminate, and protect these critical areas.