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About Precision Pest Management

Precision Pest Management is not just a pest control company, we are a people company. We are dedicated to staying true to our vision of building long-lasting, trusting customer relationships through our superior and environmentally responsible service. After all, we recognize that letting strangers into your most sacred and personal space is an intimidating thing. We aim to maintain open lines of communication and keep the treatment process as transparent as possible, so you always know exactly what is being done. For us, providing excellent customer care is just as important as our high-quality pest control services!


A Team of Experts

When you partner with Precision for pest control, you can rest assured knowing your home will be in the best and most qualified hands possible. Our team members have all been hired and trained to the highest standard. They are all service professionals that are state-licensed and have successfully completed extensive training. That means, that by the time they arrive at your home, they are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to provide effective results.

We stay on top of the latest-and-greatest industry breakthroughs to ensure that we are always using the best of the best. It is our mission to leave each customer with a pest-free home through innovative techniques and targeted treatments that are better for your family, your home, your business, and our environment!


Environmentally Responsible and Family-Friendly

Choosing to protect your home from pests should never mean you are putting the safety of yourself, your family, your pets or the environment at risk. At Precision, we use products that are organic-based and completely family-friendly. Our products are a pyrethrin made from the chrysanthemum flower and they are even EPA-approved for use in hospitals, daycares, and nursing homes.

In fact, one of the biggest dangers to the health of you and your loved ones actually lies in not implementing effective pest control. There is a direct correlation to the worsening of allergies and asthma with the presence of pests like cockroaches within your home. The safety of our customers and their families and pets is always our number one priority and therefore would never do or use anything that would potentially put them at risk.


Memberships & Associations

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