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If you have a pest problem you want it gone fast. Now, when you call before 4 pm, Precision Pest can treat your home the same day!

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We know that getting rid of pests in your home can be an urgent matter. That's why we offer hassle-free, same-day services, saving you time and energy.

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We build relationships with our community through superior service.

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We guarantee your home will be pest-free year-round! Should you encounter any pests between your regularly scheduled visits, we will return within 24 hours of your phone call.

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Pest Control in Allen

As a locally owned and operated pest control company in Allen, we are more than familiar with the year-round threat pests pose on our homes. We also recognize that due to their unpredictability, when a pest problem arises over-the-counter products seem like the most convenient treatment option. But, if you rely on these products, you have probably noticed they rarely provide more than temporary relief. That is because they do not treat, or even target, the source of the problem.

Comprehensive Pest Control in Allen Starting at $1.10/day

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, your home can be pest-free. Here at Precision, we don’t make you purchase additional packages and add-on services—everything from ants to fleas, ticks to rodents, and wasps to hornets is covered under our 3-Zone Program. For the best, most comprehensive pest control in Allen, you need Precision! 


At Precision Pest Management we use the Integrated Pest Management approach for pest control in Allen because it combines our expert knowledge of pest activity, common sense treatments, and environmentally sensible products to provide customers with the pest-free home they deserve. This approach works to rid your home of common household pests like:

  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Crickets
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • And more!

3-Zone Protection - A Comprehensive Treatment

When it comes to pest control in the Allen, TX area, it is hard to pinpoint one specific area to which all of your pest problems are coming from. So, we felt that rather than picking and choosing where to treat, we would develop an approach that covered all the bases.

Our 3-Zone Protection targets the three main areas where most pest problems originate: your yard, external entry points (cracks in the foundation, windows and/or doors), and interior entry and moisture areas. By treating all three, our exterminators in Allen are able to effectively protect and eliminate pests from these critical areas. In just one visit we will provide the following treatments to each zone:

  • Zone 1 - Curb-to-curb protection with our full yard granulation. Plus, we will pay special attention to areas with mulch and/or vegetation.
  • Zone 2 - Full power spray of the perimeter of your home focusing on the bases of windows, doors, and garages as well as the removal of any spider webs.
  • Zone 3 - Lastly, we bring treatments inside with a full indoor service targeting potential entry points, moisture areas, and the baseboards.

On-Going Protection Against Pests

After just one treatment, not only will you see immediate results, but you will also reap the benefits that come with our use of industry-leading products. They continue working for up to 90 days after their initial application and with regularly scheduled follow-up visits, provide you with long-lasting relief knowing your home is pest-free!


A Company You Can Count On

Our pest control exterminators in Allen aim to keep you satisfied throughout the entire process and strive to make things as convenient as possible. We do so by offering customer satisfaction on all of our services and happily offer same-day service! If for any reason pests return between your regularly scheduled visits, all you have to do is call. Within 24 hours, we will be there to re-service your home, free of charge!

Save 50% on Your Initial Service

Now, when you sign up for our pest control services, you can receive 50% off your initial service! Great pest control should protect your home, your family, and your wallet!

Save money on great pest control today!


Fire Ant Control in Allen, TX

Are fire ants invading your home and keeping you up at night? These little creatures may seem harmless, but fire ants are extremely territorial and will attack if they feel any sort of threat. Precision Pest Management offers ant control in Allen, TX as part of the 3-Zone package so you can get peace of mind again. 

Does DIY Fire Ant Treatment Work?

We highly recommend against trying your own methods for removing fire ants. Pesticides may seem like the way to go, but it can put you at risk of a fire ant attack. Don't let this be you! Once you spot fire ants in your Allen home, please call us at 972-384-1671 so our expert fire ant exterminators can identify, treat, and remove fire ants for you.

Tick & Flea Control in Allen, TX

Do you spot a tick or flea on yourself or a pet? Do something quickly to remove it! For a tick, grab its head at the base and pull so it doesn't pass as many harmful germs into the host. For a flea, remove any signs including eggs. When this is done, contact Precision Pest Management, your local tick and flea control company in Allen. We can bring tick and flea spray for your yard in Allen, TX that is safe for you and your family. Flea and tick control are included in our 3-Zone services as well.

Prevent Flea and Ticks Today

Termite Treatments in Allen

It is no surprise these pests are nicknamed the “silent destroyer.” Termites are known for quietly chewing through the wooden structure and foundation of homes creating a great deal of damage well before they are discovered by the homeowner. In the United States, they result in $5 billion in damage each year! But, with Precision Pest Management on your side, you do not have to be one of the many affected. Our termite treatment in Allen will provide you the peace of mind that you deserve knowing your home is free of these damaging pests.

A Trusted Treatment Process

Termite treatment in Allen is a tricky process that is always best left to the professionals. At Precision Pest Management, we have developed an effective and efficient treatment process that is sure satisfied. Our termite treatments always include:

  • A free, initial termite inspection of your home.
  • A full evaluation of our findings to determine if there is a current infestation, any warning signs for potential termite activity, or signs of previous termite damage.
  • Development of a customized treatment plan that targets the specifics needs of your home.
  • Implementation of our top-notch services to eliminate all termites currently present and protect your home against their return!

If you are worried that your home may be at risk for unwarranted termite damage, contact us today! When you sign up you will receive $75 off your initial termite treatment in Allen!


Rodent Control in Allen

As part of our 3-Zone service, we include rodent control in Allen at no additional cost to you. Because rodents are known vectors of diseases such as Hantavirus, it’s important to keep them out of your home.
When you sign up for our pest control plan, you can protect your home from:
  • Common house mice
  • Deer mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • And other rodents common in the Allen area

We’ll Take Care of Rodents—and any Secondary Pests

Because we don’t just treat your home for rodents, we can also handle any secondary pests that find their way into your home thanks to rodents. As part of our rodent control in Allen, we can keep common pests like lice, ticks, fleas, and mites out. 

Mosquito Control in Allen

Mosquitoes can put a damper on your summer plans. If you have mosquitoes making their nest in your backyard, it can be a drag to spend time outdoors. Luckily, Precision is here to help! With our expert mosquito control in Allen, you can finally start to enjoy your yard again. If you’re having trouble with mosquitoes around your home, give us a call at 972-384-1671

Our expert mosquito control in Allen includes:

  • Customized treatment plans specifically designed for your home’s needs.

  • Treatments to the exterior of your home, including your entire yard, to reduce the mosquito population around your home.

  • Guaranteed services—30-day guarantee on all one-time services and our re-treatment guarantee on all recurring services. 

  • Same-day local services when you call before 4 pm!

Save $25 on Your Mosquito Package

As part of our commitment to our customers and solving their pest problems, when our 3-Zone customers signed up for an additional mosquito control package, we’re offering a $25 savings! For more information, give us a call at 972-384-1671 or check out what our 3-Zone package.


Weekend Hours Available

We know you have a busy schedule. That’s why can perform our Allen mosquito control treatments on weekends! From 7:30 am until 2 pm on Saturdays, Precision will come to your home as needed. 

Contract Options or One-Time Service—Whatever You May Need

Here at Precision, we want to make sure you’re getting the best pest control at the best price. That’s why all our mosquito control treatments in Allen are included as part of our 3 Zone Protection plan. If you are looking for additional mosquito control for a particularly buggy yard, or if you are hosting a special event, we also offer add-on services for additional protection!

Bed Bug Treatment in Allen, TX

Do you have small, itchy bites all over? Are there little bloodstains on your sheets? Then, unfortunately, you may have a bed bug infestation. Luckily, Precision Pest Management has the best bed bug treatments in the Allen area! With our bed bug treatments, you will be sleeping soundly before you know it!


Flexible Schedules For Your Busy Life

Here at Precision Pest Management, we offer flexible schedules for bed bug treatments. We offer Saturday hours and same-day services to help you get rid of your bed bugs quickly. Our bed bug exterminators in Allen are state-licensed so you will get the best service from the best technicians. When you sign up with Precision Pest Management, you can expect:

  • Environment-friendly products: Our products are EPA-approved and organic-based. 
  • Team of experts: We are always researching to make sure our technicians and procedures are up-to-date, so you can expect the best of the best.
  • Friendly bed bug exterminators: When you sign up with us, you will get the best customer care. Our technicians will build a relationship with trust so you can feel comfortable with your service in your home.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your service, we will re-treat, free of charge. 

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