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If you have a pest problem you want it gone fast. Now, when you call before 4 pm, Precision Pest can treat your home the same day!

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Same-Day Service

We know that getting rid of pests in your home can be an urgent matter. That's why we offer hassle-free, same-day services, saving you time and energy.

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Experts You Can Trust

We build relationships with our community through superior service.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your home will be pest-free year-round! Should you encounter any pests between your regularly scheduled visits, we will return within 24 hours of your phone call.

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Exterminators in McKinney, TX

Fighting off a pest infestation is no easy task, especially when left to the inexperienced. Although DIY treatments may seem like an easy and convenient option, they rarely offer a long-term solution leaving you vulnerable to the return of pests. Our pest exterminators in McKinney offer a fast and effective solution that aims to uncover and treat the root of your specific pest problem.

Comprehensive Pest Control in McKinney Starting at $1.10/day

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, your home can be pest-free. Here at Precision, we don’t make you purchase additional packages and add-on services—everything from ants to fleas, ticks to rodents, and wasps to hornets is covered under our 3-Zone Program. For the best, most comprehensive pest control in McKinney, you need Precision! 


By implementing an Integrated Pest Management approach, our expert exterminators in McKinney utilize their knowledge of pest habits and activity, common-sense treatment, and environmentally-sensible products to properly rid your home of some of the most common household pests like:

  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Crickets
  • Ants
  • Ticks
  • And more!

3-Zone Protection - Year-Round Pest Control

When it comes to pest infiltration, there are three main areas that facilitate their ability to invade your sacred space: your yard, entry points around the exterior of your home (doors, windows, cracks in the foundation, etc.), and indoor entry and moisture areas. Our 3-Zone Protection approach targets pests, eliminates them, and protects critical areas of your home, greatly reducing pests' abilities to enter your home.  


When you count on our pest control in McKinney, you can expect to see results after just one treatment! But, the best part of our services? We use industry-leading products that continue to work weeks after we leave! Included in your initial McKinney pest control service is the treatment of all three zones:

  • Zone 1 - curb-to-curb protection, with full yard granulation in front and back, with special attention in mulched areas and around vegetation.

  • Zone 2 -full perimeter power spraying, focusing on entrance points such as weep holes, bases of doors, windows, and garages, removal of spider webs by our McKinney exterminators.

  • Zone 3 - our full indoor service. With this zone, we target problem areas such as entry points and moisture areas. We’ll even treat along your baseboards to keep pests from coming inside.

We believe that the best way to ensure pests are gone for good is through regularly scheduled follow-up visits. This allows us to check back in and provide any additional treatments as needed. However, we know you can’t pick and choose when one occurs, so we are happy to provide same-day service to ensure you are never left alone in the fight against pests!

Save 50% On Your Initial Service

When you sign up for our McKinney pest control plan, you can save 50% off your initial service! For more information on how Precision can save you money, check out our other McKinney pest control coupons!

Get great protection for your family, your home, and your wallet with Precision Pest.

Save 50% Today!

Termite Treatment in McKinney

Being that termites alone cause an estimated $5 billion in damage annually across the United States, your best bet as a homeowner is to invest in proper protection. Termites often go unnoticed by homeowners because they hide deep in the wooden structure and foundation of your home. With our termite treatment in McKinney, you are likely to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repair costs in the future.

Protection You Can Count On

When you team up with Precision Pest Management for termite control in McKinney, you can expect top-notch service by your local experts. All of our termite services begin with an initial, and free, termite inspection. This allows our technicians to obtain a better understanding of the severity and specifics of your termite infestation. It also allows them to identify any warning signs or potential threats when there is no current infestation.

From there, we design a custom course of treatment that is sure to rid your home of any termites present and prevent their return. By trusting us with your McKinney termite treatments, your peace of mind will be restored in no time!

Save $75 on Termite Control

Protecting your home should be easy and affordable. That's why, when you sign up for our McKinney termite treatment program, you can save $75 off your initial service. For more information and other great ways you can save, check out our pest control coupons.

Unmatched Customer Care

Aside from the excellent termite extermination services we provide in McKinney, our dedication to customer care is what sets us apart from our competitors. We have made it our mission to provide the kind of services we would want to be done in our home. That is why our termite treatments in McKinney are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! If ever you are left dissatisfied or pests return between regularly scheduled visits, simply give us a call. We will happily return within 24 hours to retreat your home at no additional cost!


Bed Bug Treatment in McKinney, TX

Did you know that bed bugs are not only found in beds? They can also be on your couches, chairs, and carpet. When you have a bed bug infestation, they may be all over your house. Luckily, Precision Pest Management offers bed bug treatment in McKinney. 

Environmentally-Friendly, Same-Day Services

At Precision Pest Management, we care about the environment and your family. That is why our products are organic-based. We use pyrethrin made from chrysanthemum flowers to make sure our products are safe to use in your home. They are also EPA-approved. When signing up with Precision Pest Management, you can also expect:

  • Saturday bed bug treatments: from 7:30 am-2 pm on Saturdays, we are open to conduct free bed bug inspections, and perform bed bug treatments in Mckinney.
  • Same-day services: when you call 972-384-1671 before 4 pm, we will be there the same day.
  • Expert bed bug exterminators: When you sign up with us, you will get the best customer care. Our bed bug exterminators will build a relationship with trust so you can feel comfortable with your service in your home.


The Best Mosquito Control in McKinney

Despite being small, mosquitoes can carry big dangers. If your family has mosquitoes making your yard their home, your family is at risk for serious diseases such as Zika virus, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and more. If you’re having trouble with mosquitoes around your home, give us a call at 972-384-1671. At Precision, we provide mosquito control in McKinney that is designed to keep your family safe and itch-free!

Save $25 on Your Mosquito Control Service

As part of our commitment to our customers and solving their pest problems, when our 3-Zone customers signed up for an additional mosquito control package, we’re offering a $25 savings! For more information, give us a call at 972-384-1671 or check out what our 3-Zone package offers.


Our expert mosquito control in McKinney includes:

  • Mosquito control treatments customized to your home—we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all treatments!

  • Exterior mosquito control treatments that cover your entire yard. 

  • Our service guarantee, if you’re not mosquito-free then we’ll come re-treat for free. 

  • Same-day local services when you call us before 4 pm.

We Can Accommodate Your Busy Schedule!

We know you have a busy schedule, and dealing with a pest problem is the last thing you want to do in your free time. That’s why we offer weekend hours on all of our mosquito treatments in McKinney. Just give our experts a call today at 972-384-1671 and schedule your service with one of our expert McKinney mosquito exterminators.

Rodent Control in McKinney

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t make you purchase expensive add-on services to keep your home free from all pests. That’s why, when you sign up for our 3-Zone service package, we’ll include our rodent control in McKinney at no extra cost to you. 


Comprehensive Protection Against Rodents & Their Diseases 

Rodents are known to spread harmful diseases to your family, such as Hantavirus and Leptospirosis, making it incredibly important to keep them out of your home. In addition, they can also bring secondary pests into your home such as fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites. 

Our McKinney rodent control protects your home from:

  • Common house mice

  • Deer mice

  • Norway rats

  • Roof rats

  • And other rodents common in the McKinney area

Questions about what other rodents we can protect your home from? Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 972-384-1671 to speak to our friendly team. 

Professional Rodent Control in McKinney

DIY rodent treatments can fail, making it important for you to hire a professional team. Our exterminators have the tools and knowledge needed to inspect your home, monitor all rodent activity, and remove rodents through a variety of methods. With our custom-tailored rodent control plans, you’ll know your home is thoroughly protected from rodents. 

It’s time you enjoy a pest-free home!

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