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Termites are recognized as one of the most damaging pests due to their ability to silently cause a severe amount of damage. That is why investing in proper termite treatment and prevention is extremely valuable. At Precision Pest Management, we offer termite treatment in Dallas-Fort Worth that will keep your home safeguarded against these detrimental pests.

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Termite Treatments in Dallas-Fort Worth

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In the United States alone, termites cause homeowners a staggering $5 billion in damage costs every year. This is because termites hide out in the wood and foundation of your home often only becoming noticeable once a great deal of damage has already been done. Being that your home is your largest investment, it is only right that you would do everything you can to protect it properly. We’ve been protecting homes like yours from termites in the Dallas-Forth Worth area for over 20 years. With our termite treatment in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can rest easy knowing your home is termite-free!


Types Of Termites In Texas

Termites are active in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and your home needs to be protected against them. As the professionals, we know the termite species your home may be facing and how to quickly eradicate them. The types of termites we most commonly find in Texas are:

  • Drywood termites- Drywood termites chew tunnels inside wooden beams and other structures made of wood, weakening them from the inside out. These pests can enter your home through infested furniture or exposed wood.
  • Subterranean termites- this species live underground and enters your home by building mud tubes from the ground to exposed wood. Subterranean can remain in your home undetected for years, causing destruction. Early detection by a pest professional is important to eliminate the subterranean species.
  • Formosan termites- the Formosan termite has been identified in 30 counties in the eastern half of Texas, including Collin, Denton, and Tarrant counties. The Formosan termite flocks to sources of wood, especially moist wood. This species is one of the most destructive termite species in the United States because they can multiply and destroy wood structures faster than other native subterranean species.

Long-Lasting Termite Treatment

Here at Precision Pest Management, we provide the level of services we would want to be done in our home. When one of our expert termite treatment technicians in Dallas-Fort Worth arrives at your home, you can be sure they have successfully completed a series of trainings to ensure they are properly prepared to effectively treat your home. Termite infestations can be an extremely worrisome and troubling discovery - which is why early detection is key. At Precision, all of our termite treatments in Dallas-Fort Worth begin with a free, initial inspection to determine if termites are present and the severity of any existing activity. By doing so, we are able to provide customers with a clearer understanding of the status of their home and how we will proceed with treatment. All of our termite control services include:

  • A free, initial termite inspection of your home.
  • A full evaluation of our findings to determine if there is a current infestation, any warning signs for potential termite activity, or signs of previous termite damage.
  • A customized treatment plan that targets the specifics needs of your home.
  • Implementation of our top-notch services to eliminate all termites currently present and protect your home against their return!


Termites vs. Flying Ants?

Colonies of ants and termites both produce winged reproductives that fly out to start new colonies. The key way to distinguish between winged ants and winged termites is by examining the wings. Termite swarmers have wings that are all the same size. Ants have hind wings that are much smaller than the front wings. Collect a few and have one of our certified applicators identify them when we come out to treat your home if you want to be sure.

Save Money with Precision

When you choose Precision Pest to protect your home from termites, you will receive $75 off your initial termite treatment! Check out our pest control coupons for more information and other ways you can save!

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Same-Day Service for Quick Relief

Because we strive to make our services as convenient as possible, we happily offer same day services! Let us help protect your home today with our Dallas-Fort Worth termite treatments. We offer same-day services in the following areas:

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